Monday, June 24, 2019

Governance Survey - World Sailing or World Sailing Marketing, Inc.?

Dear Competitive Sailor,
World Sailing has a proposed major change in its governance structure which is attached. There is a 108 question survey about the contents on the WS website for comment and suggestions.
A lot of professional effort has been brought to this proposal and survey. However, accepting that, corporate double speak frames the proposal. The survey is long but competitive sailors need to give voice to their opinions by filling it out. If World Sailing will not go to the boat-park, then the boat-park needs to go to them.
In the opinion of our global group of Concerned Sailors this proposed governance structure represents a revolution where the effect would radically change World Sailing into World Sailing Marketing, Inc.
History with other sports shows that the end result will be a self-serving organization controlled by a few who have assumed power; causing an escalation in the cost of competitive sailing and in the end reduce the number of participants able to compete.

The proposed structural governance will not change other fundamental issues in World Sailing. For example, there is at this moment a very serious complaint against Mr. Hunt and Mr. Anderson before the Ethics Commission regarding finances. Another example, the voting travesty in Sarasota violated the integrity basic to the scientific, engineering, medical and aviation professions.

Keep the Council as a legislative body with the power of the purse; set up a separate Olympic Committee as most MNAs do. This part needs to be vetted much more thoroughly than is possible in a survey.
The internal logic of the proposal suggests that one agree with most survey questions. Some questions require study and reflection far outside the time framework given.
A more global logic requires that where an issue should not be decided by the proposed structure then one must vote to partially or fully disagree. There will be a place to write a critical review and negative response on each set of questions.
You will find the survey here:
Where question 2 asks, "What is your main role or connection with World Sailing?" under "Other" you might sign in as, "a concerned competitive sailor" or as “a boat-park sailor”.
Attached is a worddocument version of the website interactive survey – it will make doing the survey quicker if reviewed in its entirety to give an overall framework.
Please contribute your views by doing the survey.
A Global Group of Concerned Sailors

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