Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Guidance Covid-19 sail-related regulations

Hello Sailors,

Here some guidance and tips about the current do's and don'ts during the Covid-19 crisis here in Aruba. We hope they bring some clarifications to the situation.

These are the rules for Shelter in Place from 29th march to 19th of April:
Between 06:00hrs and 21:00hrs:
  •  may train/run/walk/swim (physical training) but when done you must go straight home'
  • Not allowed to hang out on beach with chair, jug etc.
  • Not allowed: kite surfing, windsurfing, wave runners, sailboat, banana boat, pleasure crafts;
  • Not allowed to fish from shore;
  • During shelter in place you can be in your yard;
  • Groups of 4 or more persons are not allowed;

Tips and Guidance from conversations we had with some authorities:
  • Dit windsurf kite verbod was alleen voor de afgelopen dagen. [the windsurf prohibition was only for the first few days]
  • optuigen en ga gewoon even het water op voor 2 uurtjes en niet socialiseren  [just setup and go on the water for an hour or two and DO NOT SOCIALIZE]
  • hou afstand van 1.5 meter op het strand en geen groep van meer dan 3 personen vormen. [keep distance and don't group-up with more than 3 persons]
Windsurfers, zeilers en Kiters zijn blij hiermee en beloven zich aan regels te houden  [windsurfers, sailors and kiters are happy with this and promise to adhere to the rules and regulations]

If there are any issues please contact any of us here:
Alvin  +297 597 0010
Marja  +297 563 3465
Rik +297 735 2200

Stay safe and check back with us here for developments.

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